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Special Coverage Of IMA Annual Conference(5)

2010/5/31 17:25:24  Click:638次

       The conference in Hong Kong is very successful. We have gained the expected results and received many compliments from other exhibitors.So to speak, we winned an immediate success in this conference.After the first  preparation meeting on March 10th for the conference, under the right leadership of the Managing Director- Mr G.N.Zhang, almost the whole staff took part in the preparation work for the conference. Our success in the conference is the results of everyone's  great effort and wisdom of the Credit Magnesium's whole team.
       In the conference, our booth is quite unique-styled and of different pattern.The logos on the backdrop were outstanding and eye-catching, samples were displayed in good order.In addition, the Chinese and English language corporate videos which we specially made strongly propagandized and popularized our corporation image in omni-directional and multi-angle ways.During the conference, our exhibitors had given out about 200 company brochures and over 100 corporate video discs which can help the clients to know better about our company and our featured products. Many clinets and craft brothers used ''impressive'', ''super'' ''very careful'' and other nice words to praise our booth after visting it. Our team also left other craft brothers' a deep impression, they said we were a well-trained, young and energetic team.
        The success of our exhibition greatly inspired the crew of our company. At the same time , it strengthened our confidence and courage to meet all the challenges and to do better in the future work. We all expressed  that we  would devote ourselves to the future work with our supreme passion and best condition.
         At last, quote one sentence from our corporate video to end this coverage:''Unity is the basis for strength and enthusiasm is the motive for splendor.Credit Magnesium, we will win!''


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