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Special Coverage Of IMA Annual Conference(1)

2010/5/31 16:30:09  Click:571次

       The IMA 67th Annual World Magnesium Conference was held in Hong Kong on May 17th, 2010. More than 300 people in magnesium industry from China, HKSAR, US, UK,Germany, Japan, Canada, Israel, South Korea and other countries and areas gathered in Hongkong to share successful experiences in the world of magnesium. Our company was invited to attend this conference as an important exhibitor.
       According to the booth setting-up requirements of IMA and the agreement between our booth building contractor-A.WORLDTECH .LTD. and us,  our booth's setting-up went smoothly.

Constructing Scenes:

Earnest Working Attitude

Meticulous Working Spirit

Booth Setting-up Completed Sucessfully

Unique-styled Booth

 Ornamented with Beautiful Blossom

A photo with Ms. Florence Tsoi(3rd from the left) from A.WORLDTECH.LTD.

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