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        Shanxi Credit Magnesium Co., Ltd ( here after we call “Credit”) is a leading company in magnesium field in China, it has irreplaceable superiorities of manufacturing and marketing. Credit, as a sales platform, is built by our team after many years ‘meticulous management, our main customers are from industries of Aluminum, Titanium, Electron and Automobiles.
         Credit is a privately-own and joint-stock enterprise which mainly engages in magnesium production, we own a professional team which has been engaging in magnesium smelting and management for more than 10 years. We also have our own technology achievements and experiences for promoting Pegion Process and controlling production cost, especially in controlling the contents of Si, Al, Mn, Fe, which is in the front of our industry. Our magnesium ingots classification system is the most particular one in our industry, which is far beyond the international standard, we classify products according to different customers' demand, truly meet every customer's quality requirement.
         We are one of the earlier enterprises which got related certificates in China’s magnesium industry. In 2014, by arranging all the employees to learn the TUV rules , we passed the TUV T/S16949 certificate and hope to improve our management level gradually.
        We always operate our company and provide service to our customers by our enterprise concept “ keep our promises”. Our beliefs to customers are credit, responsibility, obligation and services. It is necessary to save costs for our customers, and let them free from worry, which shows our strict demands for quality and services.
        We always arrange our productions according to the market’s requirements, we insist on innovating together with our customers, supplying advanced materials to them and saving costs for them. We devoted ourselves to provide most professional services for global magnesium consumers. We are dedicated to revitalize national industry and create an international brand. We will always create values for customers and achieve win-win relationship with them. We will create a new era of magnesium by innovating technology and welcome China’s new magnesium times by saving energy and reducing cost.

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